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Nicholas Jarak
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am Nick. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just finished my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, Yay!

I became interested in zoomorphic and anthropomorphic animal art and decided that I would like to be able to make my own, so I started drawing and digital painting as a hobby somewhere in between January and March of 2012. I've become quite attached to my hobby because it's a lot of fun. I am quite a fan of anthropomorphic animal art, so most of my art is of animals or anthropomorphic animals of some sort. Anthropomorphic animals are what got me so interested in drawing and painting in the first place, and as a result, it is the main area of focus that I have been trying to get better at. I may be an amateur now, but I hope to keep getting better.

I'm also a casual writer. I'm trying to create a graphic novel, so it requires me to do a bit of writing. Not sure if it's any good. I won't know until more people see the results.

PhiPaw Stamp by Plushii SciPhiFox Logo Stamp by SciPhiFox

FurAffinity Account
YouTube account (not much on here)
Was tagged by :iconxxflamefrost101xx:
I don't own this meme.

• What is the name of your fursona?
Sci'Phi (pronounced "Sy-Fy" like the channel or like the abbreviation for science fiction, Sci-Fi).

• Where did the name of your Fursona come from?
My fursona's name has roots in my old gamer pseudonym. I used to go by the name SciFi_MEDIC. It came out of a time when I was depressed, and  I wanted a positive name. I liked science fiction and, and I tended to like healing characters in games, so I came up with the simple name of SciFi_MEDIC. I eventually hit the point where I was rarely playing video games any more because I would choose to draw rather than play a game, so the name no longer felt relevant to me because I was no longer depressed, and it was completely out of context on sites such as DeviantArt. I decided to create a new pseudonym, and decided on SciPhiFox. The SciPhi part is pretty much part of my old pseudonym except I decided to replace "Fi" with "Phi" to give it a bit of hidden meaning. The "Phi" in my name refers to the Greek letter Phi which is supposed to be a reference to symbol called a Phi-paw, which is one symbol used to represent furries. The fox part is obvious because my fursona is a fox. Since my pseudonym is SciPhiFox, I had simply decided to name my fursona Sci'Phi because I thought it sounded like a good name, I had never seen the name before, and it seemed rather fitting and convenient for my pseudonym to also include my fursona name. My fursona's name is pronounced as ("Sy-Fy" like the channel). I prefer to spell my fursona's name as "SciPhi", but that makes pronunciation difficult for others to figure out, so I will often spell it as Sci'Phi where the hyphen more clearly indicates that "Sci" and "Phi" are supposed to be two separate sounds.

• What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?
My fursona's species is Silver Fox. I partially chose this because a friend and his girlfriend suggested a couple species of fox (the final one being a Silver Fox). I really wanted to pick an animal that fit me, so I also did a lot of research into traits of animals species and what associations are usually made with different fursona species.  I actually didn't really want to pick fox very much. I really like foxes, but I didn't like how common they were as fursonas. But, after all the research I did, I concluded that fox really was the best match for my personality. I even tried many of those "What is your fursona?" quizzes, lol, and most of them also kept saying the same thing. So I conceded that although foxes are very common fursona choices, fox was the best match for me if I wanted to choose a fursona species that best matched my personality. In the end, I went with the suggestion my friends have given me and chose Silver Fox as my fursona species. I felt that it being a Silver Fox was at least a little less common than red fox, so that made me feel a little more unique (even though the Silver Fox is technically just a melanistic form of the Red Fox).
There have been times where I've considered that another animal would be a better match (like a Cheetah), but when ever I think about it, I realize that I already spent many many hours looking into this, and I come to the same conclusion, that fox is still the best match for me.

• What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc

Sci'Phi has black and white fur, with a speckling of white fur mixed into some of the black fur creating a silvery appearance along his back and on part of his head and face. He looks like this because this is what Silver Foxes look like. Like this guy: Silver Fox by Skia Some silver foxes have a lot more white mixed in, so as to make them look almost white rather than just having a touch of silver, but I preferred the touch of silver look like the fox in the picture. His eye color is green because my favorite color is green.

• What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?
My fursona's personality is simply my own personality. In comparison to my RL personality, they are the same because my fursona is not a character. He is simply just me, but in the form of a Silver Fox.

• What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
I never really thought of my fursona owning any items because he's not a character. He's kind of like an avatar of sorts (like the film Avatar) because his personality is just my own personality. When he's wears clothes, they would most likely be clothes like my own, so I guess that's kind of significant to me in RL. One item that I have that I like to wear (that I don't wear very often anymore) that I might like to depict my fursona wearing is my mechanical pocket watch, but I haven't done that yet.

• What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?"
"Um, this is a bit weird, isn't it?.... It's like I'm talking to myself because I am. Oh, man. I totally wish I looked like that. *squeee* Did I just squee? I almost never do that in real life... Can I pet you?"

• What is one thing your fursona would say to you if you could meet?
"Hmm, it's me looking at myself, looking at myself. Wow, so that's what I'd look like if I were human? Interesting..."

• How has your fursona changed over the years?
One thing that has changed is how I've decided the best way to depict a silver fox's silvery appearance. I'm still trying to figure out how to best do that at the moment. In the past, I was actually very hesitant to depict my fursona because I felt I wasn't skilled enough to depict him properly. So instead, I would create characters based on my fursona as a way of experimenting with my fursona's look without officially declaring what my fursona looked like. Hence, my fursona had remained only vaguely defined in my mind for a while until I only recently decided that it was time to officially depict him. For this reason, the main change that has happened is that he has become more defined over time, and there have been some changes in the style that I depict him in. Also, originally, my fursona was simply a silver fox, and he didn't have an actual name. It wasn't until I developed my pseudonym of SciPhiFox (about a year ago), that my fursona gained the name of Sci'Phi.

• How long have you had this fursona?
My fursona has been a silver fox for about two years (perhaps a little less, not sure when the decision was made), but his name wasn't Sci'Phi until about a year ago (before that, I think he was nameless).

• Would you like to be more like your fursona?
Um, well, he is me, so that would be a bit hard. I do think that it would be pretty awesome to actually look like him, but mainly in concept. It would probably only be cool if the entire world was like that, lol. I realize that in reality, that the practicality of being a giant anthropomorphized fox would probably be quite inconvenient. Like drying off after a shower would take forever.

• Now tag three people:
How about no.
If anyone else wants to do this meme, then do it because you want to do it. Do not do it because you've been tagged. :D

Have a fuzzy day everyone. :)

Current Projects and Status

List of Current Projects that I'm working on or have in the making. Thought it would be good to lay them out in one place to help me keep track and focused.


Short Term (Want to finish soon):

Wolf and Sheep [mini comic] ------ (In progress)
  • -Storyboard (100% complete)
  • -Character Concept Art (100% complete) {Black Wolf}
  • -Completed Pages (50% complete)

Long Term (Not going to be done any time soon):
Feral Earth: Sacrifice Comic (haha, lots done, nowhere near complete) ------ (In Progress, but a Longer Term Project [need to get better])
  • -script (25% complete) (7-8 Chapters [over 35 pages] + many outlines)
  • -Character Concept Art (50% complete) {Eli, Michael, and Lisa}
  • -Storyboard (0% complete)
  • -Completed pages (0% complete)

Feral Earth Related Offshoot Stories/Comics (6 in total) ------ (All side stories are on hold until completion of Main story)
  • +Prelude to Sacrifice (75% of script Written [26 pages])
  • +Humanity's Last Chapter [origin story] (5% of Script Written [7 pages])

  • +Cheetah Dreams [Random Short Story](only concept page)
  • +Ruins of Earth (only concept page)
  • +The Ark [mini comic] (script ~10% complete)
  • +Return (only concept page)

On Hold (To be finished at some point, maybe):
Mechanical Tail (50% complete) ------ (Project On hold)
  • -First prototype (100% complete) {1st Prototype}
  • -Second prototype (20% complete) [have all supplies]
  • -fur covering (2% Complete) [have few supplies]

Green Dream Fox [Recalled most important details from dream, still need to draw] (5% complete) (On hold until I feel like doing it)

Draw this Again Meme (0% complete)

Other Ideas:
  • -Virus [comic/story] (only concept page) ------ (No planned start time)
  • Fake Alien Language [2% Complete] (Project on Hold until it has a more immediate purpose)
    • -Alphabet [25% Complete]

    • -vocabulary [only a few words and phrases]

Recently Completed:
Make New Fursona Badge (100% complete)

Draw Complete Reference Sheet of my fursona, SciPhi (100% Complete) {Sci'Phi Ref Sheet}

Draw Dr. Coy for LanceDannyF (100% Complete){How's the Weather}

Make Fursona Badge (100% Complete) {Basic Fursona badge}

Main part of Art Trade with LanceDannyF (100% complete) {His part}


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No problem. Your artwork is so awesome. :)
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Thank you for the watch and for the llama :3
SciPhiFox 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome. I really liked your artwork. :)
OceansBeach Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you do requests?? :3
SciPhiFox Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I occasionally do. Why?
OceansBeach Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Could I get one? X3
SciPhiFox 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for late response. I've been so busy lately. I might be able to do one for you. I'm just not sure when I'll get to doing it since I'm working on another request at the moment, and I have another project that I've been working on that's nearing completion, but I will probably be able to get to it after those are completed. So, if you'd still like a request, you'd have to be patient with me about when it gets done. What did you have in mind for the request?
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